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Johannesburg - Hang on to those outstanding e-toll bills for a little while.

Sanral’s offer of a 60 percent discount on outstanding e-toll bills started this week, and runs until 2 May.

Meanwhile, the National Consumer Commission expects to deal within two months with the complaint by the Freedom Front Plus that e-toll equipment is illegal.

NCC spokesman Trevor Hattingh said: “As with any new matter, the NCC will assess the complaint for jurisdiction in terms of the Consumer Protection Act, and analyse the contents thereof before making a determination on the most appropriate course of enforcement action to pursue, if necessary.

“The turnaround time to process any registered complaint by the NCC is 60 working days. During this time, the NCC will regularly interact with the complainant to provide updates on the matter.”


On Tuesday Sanral spokesman Vusi Mona dismissed the allegations that the e-tolls and bills were illegal as “false”, but said Sanral would co-operate with the NCC investigation.

On Monday, the FF+ filed a complaint with the NCC about Sanral using e-toll cameras that weren’t legally compliant as they hadn’t been calibrated or certified in terms of legally required national standards.

“It means that people can now legally stop paying bills, not only because they think it is morally incorrect but because it is legally correct not to pay your bills, and those who have already paid can start instituting legal proceedings to claim their money back,” said FF+ MP advocate Anton Alberts.

The National Regulator for Compulsory Specifications had confirmed to the FF+ that the e-toll equipment had not been certified as required by the Legal Metrology Act, and that the NRCS had refused Sanral exemption from this requirement.

Details for how to check the outstanding e-toll bills by phone, SMS or online are on the Sanral website.

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