Picture: Brevard County Fire Rescue via Facebook.

Rockledge, Florida - Unsecured loads are a huge hazard on the road - not only do they cause accidents as motorists swerve to avoid the debris that often flies onto the tarmac, but occasionally items even fly through the windscreens of cars.

On that subject, a female in Florida had a lucky escape recently after a huge piece of plywood went flying off the back of a bakkie and straight into the windscreen of her Honda Civic.

Although the wood penetrated the cabin, she was lucky to have narrowly escaped contact and would surely have been decapitated had the item landed at a slightly different angle where the car’s pillars would not have stopped it.

According to Brevard County Fire Rescue, the motorist was not injured.

But it is certainly a reminder to those of us that carry loads on the back of bakkies to be extra careful, ensuring that all items are securely tied to the load bed.

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