Ford Ranger and Everest models are prone to shortness of breath in very hot conditions at high altitudes.

Johannesburg - We’ve all had our fill of jokes about hot Fords, but it is true that all engines, even turbodiesels, battle to breathe in very hot conditions at altitude.

A diet of cold, dense air is what any engine requires to perform at its best but this is often in short supply in South Africa - which is why Strydom Park-based RGM has developed a bolt-on larger capacity intercooler for Ford’s muscular 3.2-litre, turbodiesel five.

Many owners of Rangers and Everests fitted with this engine have noted a loss of performance and increased turbo lag in very hot conditions, especially at high altitudes.

So the cool dudes (sorry, couldn’t resist it!) at RGM imported a thicker, more efficient, core blank and fitted custom-designed, locally made upper and lower tanks to make a larger-capacity, more efficient all-aluminium intercooler that bolts straight on, in place of the factory unit and delivers significantly more air, at a lower average temperature, without causing a drop in inlet manifold pressure.

How much is ‘significant’?

Enough to improve peak power by 7-8kW and torque by 12-15Nm on RGM’s in-house dyno, with a corresponding gain in mid-range drivability.

An RGM Supercool upgrade takes just one day to install on your Ranger or Everest and will cost you R8500, which includes a six months’ or 20 000km warranty.

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