Johannesburg - Some inventions are so logical you just have to say “Now why didn’t I think of that?”

Thule - better known for roof-top carriers and bicycle racks for cars - has come up with a perfect way to organise all the little bits and pieces that - of necessity - accompany our electronic devices every time we step out of our own little space, whether it be a business trip or just commuting.

Each of our gadgets has a charger and a charger cable - then there’s the power-bank and its charger and cable, the earphones, the little cordless mouse for the travelling laptop and its spare batteries… lose or misplace any one of them when you’re out of town and you’ll be left cursing.

Most people just fling everything into the accessory pocket of their laptop bag and then spend a few very zen minutes untangling the cables before they can use any of them. We’ve seen make-up bags used for the same purpose (with the same result) and one of our IT nerds resorted to buying a small travelling toolkit and dumping the contents in a drawer so he could use the case for cables and chargers - expensive and not ideal.

Somebody at Thule must have got as frustrated as he did, because here we have the Subterra PowerShuttle, a neat fabric bag just 210mm long, 145mm wide and 70mm deep, with a three-sided zip and lots of elastic loops for organising your cables, earphones and adaptors.

There’s also a slip-pocket in one side for a power-bank or external hard drive, two smaller zipped pockets for flash drives and adaptors, and a pass-through slot so you can charge your device from a power-bag inside the bag.

Even when you’re not travelling, just having all your cables, chargers and adaptors neatly accessible in the same place - and knowing where they are - is worth the R399 asking price from Thule Concept Stores.

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