There's nothing worse than coming out in the morning and finding that your car is gone.

Johannesburg - For two out of every three South African motorists, just running a car is a serious financial strain, and insurance is as much a luxury as a trip to Phuket.

And the majority of those cars have to sleep on the street, leaving them, ironically, more vulnerable to theft than those cars whose insurance cover stipulates that they be parked behind lock and key.

There is nothing worse than coming out in the morning and finding that your car is gone, through no fault of your own. Which is why Cartrack subsidiary Drive and Save has introduced theft-only vehicle insurance policy from only R9.99 a month.

Sound too good to be true? Not really. The policy, which is underwritten by King Price Insurance, is open only to any motorist who subscribes to a Cartrack vehicle tracking system. That costs between R99 and R179 a month, so the extra R9.99, which will cover your car up to a value of R150 000, will buy you peace of mind for less than half the price of a loaf of bread.

Cartrack South Africa boss Andre Ittmann says there are good reasons for motorists not insuring their cars; many simply can’t afford the premiums, others feel their older cars are not worth stealing or hijacking. But if the worst does happen, most people won’t be able to replace their car without a payout from an insurance company.

“We hope that with this affordable cover, a range of uninsured drivers will enter the insurance space,” he said. “That way they’ll benefit from security and peace of mind that wasn’t previously accessible to them.”

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