The Ford Bronco, driven by Al Cowlings carrying O.J. Simpson, is trailed by Los Angeles police cars in 1994. Picture: Joseph Villarin / AP Photo.

Los Angeles - The white Ford Bronco that was used by former football superstar OJ Simpson in the infamous 1994 car chase is up for sale, KTLA TV reported on Thursday.

The car involved in the 102km police pursuit through Los Angeles, which was broadcast live around the world, is regarded as an historic item by the owner Mike Gilbert, Simpson's former agent. 

Gilbert bought the car from "AC" Al Cowlings, who was Simpson's friend and former teammate. During the chase, Cowlings drove the car and spoke with police on his cell phone while Simpson rode in the back, armed with a handgun. 

They were followed by helicopters and hundreds of police vehicles before eventually surrendering. Gilbert revealed that he had been offered a lump-sum payment of 500 000 US dollars (R6.75 million) for the Bronco, the report said, adding that Gilbert claimed the SUV is the most viewed vehicle in history, ahead of the car that former US President John Fitzgerald Kennedy was assassinated in

File picture: Sam Mircovich / Reuters.

But experts familiar with car values don't believe this car could be sold at any price close to $500 000.

Jeremy Brown, a sports memorabilia expert, was quoted by the KTLA as saying that the notoriety of the car and the chase probably make it worth more than $100 000. 

Patric Wang, a Los Angeles businessman and classic car show organiser, told Xinhua that the the fact that OJ is a football legend could add some historical value to the vehicle, which would otherwise not have been in much demand among collectors. However, given the notoriety of the murder case, he said it's unlikely that someone would pay good money for the car unless they were seeking public attention.

"Personally this particular Ford is worth nothing but the blue book value to me," he said.