The train instantly converts the back of the bus into a shower of glass and composite shards. Picture: YouTube

Warsaw, Poland - This bus driver would surely qualify for the Darwin awards, if it weren’t for the fact he wasn’t only trying to flush his own DNA out of the gene pool, but also that of 40 presumably less dim-witted passengers on his bus.

While driving out to Warsaw’s Modlin Airport on 26 September, he approaches a level crossing. Ignoring the flashing red lights and booms already coming down, he drives under a descending boom and into the level crossing - but by then both booms on the far side are down and there’s no way out.

Rather than push past the the boom - which would get him into trouble with the Polskie Koleje Państwowe (Polish state railway) - he tries to flag down an approaching main-line train, while some of his passengers wisely decide to disembark from the bus.

That gets him into a whole lot more trouble, because not only does the train instantly convert the back of the bus into a shower of glass and composite shards, the impact pushes the bus forward and wrecks the boom anyway.

To say nothing of the more than 30 passengers still stuck on the bus at the moment of impact - none of whom, we are happy to report, was hurt.