Lennert Ribring is 97 years old, and has just taken delivery of a brand new V8 Mustang. Picture: Ford

Stockholm, Sweden - Lennart Ribring has been a Ford Mustang fan for half a century, and he's probably the world's oldest Pony Car driver. He was born in 1919, which makes him 97 years old, and he's been driving since 1937.

Ribring is a retired businessman who still works part-time as an accountant, and was one of the first people in Sweden to buy an original Mustang when they came out in 1965 - and now he's just bought himself a brand-new one!

"My name is Lennart Ribring, I'm 97 years old; I drive a five-litre V8 Ford Mustang fastback and I'm really happy," he says in the footage below, shot when he picked up the bright red Mustang from his local Ford dealership, took his son Michael for a spin, and showed it off to his granddaughter Emilia

"I fell in love with the first Mustangs that came out," he said, "and I've hardly thought about another car since; it was like being king of the road.

"I may not have long to live now, so I want to grab the chance to have a little fun - and the Mustang is the real thing."

His advice to younger drivers who want to be still driving in their nineties?

"Let your porridge cool down first," he said. "Learn about a car properly before you drive it - and always think about safety."


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