We doubt there are many ardent dog owners who have not at some point wished for a more dog-friendly vehicle to transport their furry friends. What you see here is a concept vehicle that Nissan created to answer that very call. Sure, some of its features might seem overkill, but at least they’re getting the conversation started.

Nissan created the X-Trail 4Dogs concept after a survey showed that almost 90 percent of dog owners would buy a car that has more dog-friendly features. Although it remains a concept vehicle, it shows some interesting new accessories that could become available at some point in the future.

For starters there’s a camera system that not only allows you to keep an eye on Fido through the vehicle’s touch-screen infotainment system, but he can also stare at you longingly through his own 25cm LCD screen in the boot. There’s also an audio link that you can use to keep him calm, or reprimand him after he’s scratched the expensive LCD screen to oblivion. In that case you might want to reconsider what you put in the vehicle’s nifty treat dispenser but whatever you do, don’t forget to fill the splash-proof water bowl – travelling is thirsty business.

On that note, the dogs sit on a platform above two drawers that conceal all the kit that you’ll need to survive a muddy dog walk. One of the compartments contains a pull-out 360-degree dog shower, as well as a dryer, and the other contains an extending ramp that you can guide Fido up so you don’t have to get full of mud or water if the former solution didn’t quite work as planned.

Of course, Nissan also thought of installing a luxurious bed and the all-important safety harnesses. But what about the clean-up afterwards? Nissan has sorted that out with ‘easy-clean’ leather, although we certainly hope it's more durable than it looks.

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