Elite rebels riders remove Brits' motorcycle after the crash. Picture: Soraya Crowie

A member of the Elite Rebels Motorcycle Club in Kimberley sustained “serious injuries” after being involved in an accident on Saturday night.

Willie Brits, 40, was left in critical condition after colliding with a stationary vehicle, about 10km from Kimberley on the N12 towards Ritchie, at about 8.30pm on Saturday evening.

Brits was travelling from Modderrivier towards Kimberley on his motorcycle when he collided with a bakkie that had apparently pulled over into the emergency (yellow) lane after experiencing some problems.

He crashed into the the right rear of the vehicle, causing its right rear tyre to burst.

The impact sent Brits “flying through the air” and his motorcycle ended up in the veld on the right side of the road, about 100 metres from the bakkie.

He was stabilised by Netcare 911 paramedics before being transported to the Gariep Mediclinic.

'Massive impact' 

Another member of the Elite Rebels Motorcycle Club, who wished to remain anonymous, said he'd been riding behind Brits and found him after the crash.

“It looked like he lost both an arm and a leg during the crash,” the club member said.

More members of the club, who were still in Modderrivier, were alerted about the accident and rode to the scene, where they were seen directing traffic and later removing Brits’ motorcycle.

Meanwhile, the driver of the bakkie, Orion Taaibos, said he and his wife had been sitting inside the bakkie after he had pulled over.

“We just felt this massive impact and saw a motorcycle and rider flying several metres through the air. We are just grateful that we were not standing outside the vehicle, as we would have been injured or dead,” Taaibos said.

'Multiple fractures' 

Gariep Mediclinic spokeswoman, Denise Coetzee, said on Sunday Brits was in a “stable” condition and that he underwent surgery on Sunday, having sustained “multiple fractures” during the crash.

Police spokesman Captain Sergio Kock, confirmed that police were “investigating an accident where a motorcyclist collided with a vehicle that was apparently parked on the side of the road”.

“The accident occurred just outside Kimberley on the N12 South on Saturday at about 8.25pm," Kock said. "The exact cause of the accident is being investigated. The motorcyclist sustained serious injuries and was transported to hospital for medical treatment. The investigation continues,” Kock said.