22/03/2012 Taxi driver Sivikeleni Magwaza who did not want his face identified sits in his taxi and talks about an altercation that he had with a fellow road user. Picture: Ihsaan Haffejee

The taxi driver who allegedly assaulted a motorist with a knobkierie during a road rage incident in Hyde Park has apologised - but denied ever hitting his victim.

The man, Sivikeleni Magwaza, also denied that he had cut in front of Alan Webster Molaudi, sworn at him or pulled his keys out of the ignition before striking him repeatedly with a knobkierie. In fact, Magwaza denied that he had been in possession of a kierie.

“I only acted in self-defence,” said Magwaza, whose first name translates loosely to “defend us”.

According to Molaudi, Magwaza had cut in front of him without indicating, stopped his taxi behind him at a red traffic light in Jan Smuts Avenue, then got out of the vehicle and struck him repeatedly with a kierie.

Molaudi said he suffered fractured ribs, a broken nose and finger in the incident in Hyde Park on March 12.


On Thursday an unrepentant Magwaza denied all of Molaudi’s accusations. However, his letter of apology to Molaudi seems to contradict his explanation.

In the letter Magwaza said: “I drove under conditions of stress and I ended up fighting and hurting, damaging you and your vehicle. I just wanna ask an apology to that.

“I understand that all I did to you was totally out of the hand. So please, brother Molaudi, forgive me.”

In the letter, Magwaza, from Troyeville, also pledged to cover Molaudi’s medical expenses and the cost of the damage to his car.

Molaudi has since dropped charges against Magwaza.

Magwaza said he regretted the altercation.

“I apologised, but not because I am guilty, I just want peace. What we both did was wrong.” - The Star