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Pretoria – Ford says the engine fires that have destroyed a number of Kuga SUV’s with 1.6-litre EcoBoost engines in South Africa may be a result of engine overheating.

In its first official comment, Ford SA says: “While our investigations into the incidents are not complete at this time, we have found that the fires may be a result of engine overheating.

“To help reduce the risk of overheating, we are advising affected customers to contact their Ford dealer to request a further check of the maintenance items, especially to check coolant system condition and integrity.

“Dealers will check the coolant concentration level and for any leaks or damage to the cooling system, plus conduct static and dynamic cooling system pressure tests.

"This service is free of charge and will take approximately one hour.

“Customers can also contact Ford Customer Service directly at 0860 011 022."

The company also says Kuga SUVs with 1.5 and two-litre engines are not affected – but still recommends that all Ford drivers follow the regular maintenance schedule laid out in their Owner’s Manual.

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