The Lamborghini Veneno, 552kW of pure ugliness?

Lamborghini's Veneno is no oil painting, in our opinion, but is the 552kW limited-edition hyper-car really the ugliest car in the world?

American car authority Edmunds is of that opinion. The website has just named it the ugliest car of all time in a feature that listed its 100 all-time aesthetic abominations.

Edmunds didn't mince its words explaining why the Italian was handed this honour: “Every supercar cliché and every bad idea Lamborghini ever had, stuffed into one overpriced showcar.

“It's the worst thing out of Italy since fascism. Mercifully, only three will be made, which is still three too many.”

The 1977 Lincoln Versailles and 2010 Acura ZDX took the runner up positions while the 1985 Cadillac Deville and 2001 Pontiac Aztec rounded out the top five.

The Pontiac would have been our 'winner' hands down and we fully agree with Edmunds that: “If there are any executives left at GM who signed off on this, there is no justice in the universe.”

Other noteworthy entries on the 'top 100' list were the 1998 Fiat Multipla in sixth, 2002 BMW 7 Series (10th), 1948 Citroen 2CV (26th), 2010 BMW 5 Series GT (45th), 2011 Nissan Juke (63rd) and 2010 Porsche Panamera (100th).

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