Lexus goes intergalactic with Men in Black 'Enforcer' jet

By Motoring Staff Time of article published Jun 13, 2019

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Lexus is reaching for the stars with its QZ 618 Galactic Enforcer jet, which is the first in the Japanese brand’s new ‘jet-class fleet’ but before you try that space suit on, do note that it is only available to Men In Black agents.

The QZ 618 made its big screen debut in the highly-anticipated MIB remake - Men in Black: International. In the movie, fans will see it transform from a Lexus RC F Sport coupe into “the most powerful Identified Flying Object ever”.

“The Lexus jet reflects the future of the Lexus brand – the far, far distant future,” said Lexus marketing vice president Lisa Materazzo, with tongue firmly in cheek.

“With the most advanced alien-fighting technology, performance and sophisticated styling, it’s in a class of its own.”

Bit will aliens learn to love that huge spindle grille?

The jet has some extremely cool features, such as IGPS (Inter-Galactic Positioning System) navigation, a version of Amazon Alexa that understands all seven trillion alien languages, Gamma Ray headlights and Infinite scaling technology. It also has three ‘driving’ modes: EcoDrive, SportDrive and QuantumDrive.

But it’s the performance that really gets our attention. According to Lexus the jet can go from 0-100km/h in 0.0000000000001 nanoseconds and has light speed matching capabilities.

So how does it work?

“In a top-secret exchange of knowledge with an alien partner, brokered by ‘the agency,’ Lexus was able to secure Quasar Power Source2 Technology (QPST) that uses the power of the nearest Active Galactic Nucleus3 (AGN) to travel anywhere in the universe in seconds,” Lexus says.

“Quasi-Stellar Objects4 (QSOs) are found in every galaxy that has a supermassive central black hole. So, all QPST-powered Lexus vehicles are named after black holes.”

Feeling geeked out yet?

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