East London - This is the first series-production Mercedes-AMG C63 to come off the assembly line at Mercedes-Benz’s South African plant, and it’s the result of a lot of work.

Mercedes-Benz South Africa announced at its annual business results conference for 2017 that three C-Class AMG models - the C43 4Matic, C63 and C63S - would be manufactured at East London, and on Wednesday the first of the flagship C63 V8s brought the project to fruition.

But to reach this point, MBSA had to put an additional R200 million of high-tech equipment into the existing engine and trim assembly lines, including a new indexing device, new conveyors and axle manipulators, and a lot of ancillary equipment - all with no more than minimal interruption to current production.

More than 1700 of the smaller-engined V6 C43s have already been sent out as part of the normal export plan from East London, but this is the first V8 C-Class to fly the flag. The number plate says it all…

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