New McLaren supercar will be called the 650S.

McLaren is promising to wow octane-blooded crowds at the Geneva Motor Show in early March with a new supercar called the 650S.

The accompanying teaser shot is the biggest visual clue they're giving us for now and there's no mention of any technical specs, but perhaps we can derive a useful little clue from its name.

650 horsepower perhaps? That's 485kW in modern metric speak. It seems inevitable though, that it will use a version of the MP4 12C's 3.8-litre twin-turbo V8.

What McLaren has divulged is that the new car will be positioned between the 12C supercar and the sell-out P1 and take "learnings from both."

McLaren also promises that it was designed and developed to offer the enthusiast driver "the ultimate in luxury, engagement and excitement, as well as dramatic yet beautiful styling."