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London – You may only have an under-powered runaround, but the chances are you’ve nicknamed your car... The Beast.

The moniker is the most common pet name that owners give their family vehicle, according to a UK survey of 1000 motorists, conducted by

The next most popular were Arnie, Pixie, Leo and Suz - a sign that however bland the vehicle, drivers want to give their cars some sort of personality.

Six in ten drivers admitted that they have a pet name for their car. 

Women are more than twice as likely as men to name their car, and tend to go for cartoon characters such as Asterix or Bambi. boss Austin Collins, who admits he drives an unnamed Volkswagen Scirocco - said: "The survey looks like just a bit of fun but it does reveal how attached people often are to their cars.

"We probably don't name our fridges or even our bicycles, but there is something about cars that makes them feel like a living thing with a personality."