Ever wondered which are the most Googled car brands in the world? British parts company Quickco has just answered those questions and Toyota enjoys a dominant lead, although it must be noted that the ranking is based on the number of countries (74 in Toyota’s case) rather than the actual number of people that searched for that particular brand.

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While most of Africa searched for Toyotas more than any other brand, South Africans didn’t get that memo, rather opting to type Mercedes-Benz into their search engines, as did our neighbours in Namibia and Botswana. The rest of our region also had a premium German brand at the top of their minds, although it was BMW that Lesotho, Swaziland and Zimbabwe Googled more than any other. BMW was also second overall globally.

Interesting to note was how sensible brands dominated in the rest of Africa, and the world for that matter, with Hyundai, Honda and Chevrolet completing the top five. One glaring exception though were the highly ambitious residents of Niger, where Bugatti was the most Googled brand of all.

There was hardly a great sense of patriotism among many of the car-creating countries though, with Japan, South Korea and the UK searching BMW, while the US and China followed the Toyota herd.

Some of the European countries were an exception to that rule, with Volvo dominating in Sweden, Renault in France, BMW in Germany and Fiat in Italy.

Bear in mind, however, that this research did not feature data from any search engine other than Google, for what it’s worth.

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