Commuters in Bellville say cops park illegally and then walk around giving them parking fines. File photo: Armand Hough

Cape Town - Traffic officers issuing fines to motorists who park illegally or haven’t renewed their licences are angering many commuters who believe the offence should be nullified.

For drivers who park in the area opposite the Bellville Magistrate's Court and the nearby market, this issue became particularly problematic after a particular law enforcement officer targeted illegal parking in the area and pink-ticketed vehicles on a daily basis.

Commuter Mike de Bruyn said the officer issued other vehicles with fines amounting to R800 for the offence.

“The officer breaks the law while issuing tickets," he said. "There's a shortage of parking and he is going for soft targets. Why not give himself a fine?

'I have pictures'

"I went to the traffic department to tell them about it and they said I needed to go to Green Point to lodge a complaint. “I have pictures of him - does he think he’s above the law?,” asked De Bruyn.

City Law Enforcement Department spokesman Wayne Dyason said officers were allowed to park illegally because when they see an offence being committed in their presence, they cannot drive around looking for parking.

Mayoral committee member for area north, councillor Suzette Little, said there are no plans to address the lack of parking in the particular area at this stage.

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