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Florida, USA - The US state that brought us men masturbating in their cars has done it again - this time with a naked woman and her compulsion to stab cars.

This homeless 42-year-old ran into the Jaguar Car Wash and started stabbing a man's car with a kitchen knife.

She then allegedly ran to a car repair centre down the road and unleashed her knife-wielding fury on another car but that didn't soothe her rage and she then started threatening some adolescents that were stepping out of a school bus before finding a flight of stairs to stab.

When police eventually caught up with her, they had use a taser gun to apprehend her. Thankfully, no people were harmed during the ordeal.

Also interesting is how she got the knife in the first place - she reportedly stole it from an addiction treatment centre for teenagers, after screaming “God is here, I'm going to repent.”

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