Johannesburg - For motorists, the drab weekend chore of washing their vehicles is a boring yet necessary burden.

But help is at hand from a company called Nano4Life which has introduced a nano ‘self-cleaning’ car coating.

While it doesn’t mean you’ll never have to wash your car again, it will require a clean less often and will also require less elbow grease.

A coating of Si02 Silicone Dioxide clogs up microscopic pores on a vehicle’s surface which creates a surface so smooth it resists the adhesion of water, dirt, oils, and bugs.

These nasties find it difficult to stick to your vehicle and simply slide off with some rain or a little bit of water, claims the company.

The nano coating also offers scratch resistance, UV protection (remember your red car that went pink in the sun over time?), and even your windscreen wipers are used less because rain beads up and slides over with wind resistance., a company based in Johannesburg, has been awarded a territorial distribution agreement to represent Nano4Life Europe in South Africa.

Prices for the nano coating start at R2 900 for medium vehicles for a coating with a 6-8 year duration, up to around R9 000 for a ‘Diamond Service’ with maximum scratch resistance.

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