Crewe, Cheshire - It’s a bit of a gimmick, we admit, but it is a much more secure way of storing your valuables in your car.

Bentley’s Mulliner bespoke division has come up with an lockable stowage compartment for the centre console of the Bentayga SUV that’s unlocked, not by a key but by your fingerprint.

The high-pressure die-cast aluminium box has a concealed lock with a capacitive fingerprint sensor - very similar to the ones used in some smartphones. It can also store multiple fingerprints, so you can control who has access to the locker.

Inside the locker are two USB ports and an auxiliary socket, so you can charge your devices and even access what’s in them while they’re securely stored, and it’s the perfect place to leave valuables such as your phone, house keys and watch while you’re enjoying yourself on the beach or hiking trail.

Even if the resort has valet parking and its staff have access to your Bentayga, they won’t have access to its lock-box.

IOL Motoring