Munich, Germany - BMW’s marketing for the new M5 has centred less on its outright performance*, impressive though that is, and more on its all-wheel drive architecture, this being the first M sedan to be offered with xDrive as standard issue.

Publicity material for the Blue Propeller’s fastest 4 x 4 x Far (Sorry, Land Rover, we couldn’t resist) has made much of of its precision road-holding and ultimate controllability - but this promo video takes things to a whole new level.

It’s all very well drifting a big luxury sedan at high speed through a traditional slalom course laid out with cones on the floor of a warehouse - but then imagine if those cones could move around, shifting and reforming the layout of the course from moment to moment!

This video from the M skunk works not only shows the result, but also gives a fascinating glimpse into how it was done.

*On the well-established petrolhead premise that if lots is good, more is better and too much is just about right, BMW has confirmed (without saying when) that an optional Competition Package for the M5 is on the way, including a power increase from 447kW to 477kW, uprated suspension and ceramic brakes. Yes please.