Now you can get an iPhone app that makes your car sound like it has a turbocharger.

Many carmakers now routinely feed real or (often) electronically created sounds into their cars to give the driver an 'authentic' sports driving experience.

Now software company Bonobo is marketing an app that makes your car sound like it has a turbocharger by mimicking the hissing sound of a wastegate on the overrun.

Not only that, the app, called, unsurprisingly, iBoost, has been created with the blessing - and assistance - of Japanese tuning company and turbo specialist HKS.


Bonobo designers were allowed on to pit lane to record the sounds made by HKS turbo set-ups at close range so that they could be accurately recreated electronically, and they painstaking recreated genuine HKS boost gauges to use as graphics on the screen of the device.

The app uses the sensors of an iPhone (an Android version is under development) to track the movement of the car - which means it has to be securely mounted to work at all - and offers a number of different gauge faces and turbo noises, depending on how racy you want your car to sound.