Toyota and Subaru have reportedly started working on their next-generation rear-driven compact sports car twins, and it also appears that they’ll get more power - albeit perhaps not quite as much as fans might have hoped for.

Sources have apparently told The Japan Times that the next generation Toyota 86 and Subaru BRZ will debut around 2021, with “improved performance”. 

According to the publication, the newcomers will likely have a 2.4-litre engine, although there is no word at this stage on whether it would be turbocharged. The current models are powered by a 147kW 2-litre normally-aspirated flat-four, which has been widely criticised for simply not giving the low-slung, rear-driven coupes the kind of performance they deserve.

Nonetheless these reports of a next-gen Toyobaru tie-up - assuming they’re true - will come as good news for fans who feared that slow sales around the globe would mean the slip-sliding twins, which are still a joy to drive despite their performance deficit, would eventually be killed off.

But a bit more grunt certainly won’t hurt.


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