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Sunday, May 29, 2022

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No more hooting, Tshwane tells taxis

120410 minibus taxi industry is falling prey to unscrupulous debt by Simphiwe Mbokazi 453

120410 minibus taxi industry is falling prey to unscrupulous debt by Simphiwe Mbokazi 453

Published Apr 21, 2015


Pretoria - There will be no hooting taxis in the nation’s capital, if Tshwane gets its way and public transport operators are barred from soliciting passengers by hooting or calling out in any manner that is offensive or a nuisance to the public.

In terms of the city’s proposed by-law on public transport and non-motorised transport, a passenger will also not be able to enter a public transport vehicle or rapid transport station while suffering from an infectious disease or wearing filthy clothes. The revolutionary city legislation, set to change and modernise public transport in the city, is now up for public participation.

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Incessant hooting from dawn to dusk by minibus taxi drivers will be a thing of the past if the regulations are promulgated.

Under the new dispensation, pedestrians will enjoy huge protection. It provides for metered taxis, rapid transit transport, pedestrians and joggers and describes non-motorised transport as anything from walking or cycling to animal-drawn vehicles. The responsibilities of all these stakeholders, including those of the city, particularly with provision of infrastructure and policing, are outlined in the draft by-law.


In terms of the proposed by-law, no road traffic sign, advertising sign, pole, barrier or other obstruction will be allowed to be erected or placed on a sidewalk that obstructs the free movement of pedestrians.

The law will also make it illegal to place any building material, goods, boxes, pipes or other objects on a sidewalk for longer than necessary for loading purposes.

Where hawking or street vending is permitted on a sidewalk in terms of any law, no hawker or vendor may position wares or furniture in such a position that the movement of pedestrians is obstructed. The law will empower an authorised officer to order the removal of the blockage.

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All schools and other educational institutions in the municipal area must provide areas off busy public roads where pupils and students may be picked up or dropped off. When a public transport vehicle is carrying pupils or students and is loading or offloading passengers on a public road next to a school or other educational institution, all other vehicles in its vicinity must slow down or stop.

The draft by-law also provides for the driver of a motor vehicle to exercise care when passing a jogger on a public road and be at least 1.5m from the person. No pedestrian will be allowed to walk on the roadway of a public road where a shoulder or sidewalk has been provided, except to cross the road at a point where crossing it is permitted.

Where a rapid transport lane or other lane on a public road has been set aside for exclusive use, no one may drive or ride a motorised or non-motorised vehicle in that section.

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