Now you can have a Raptor-style grille on your Ranger as an official accessory

By Jason Woosey Time of article published Apr 13, 2021

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PRETORIA - Ford Ranger owners have been fitting Raptor-style ‘block letter’ grilles to their bakkies since the beginning of time, along with much other regalia, but now Ford is offering its own official version through its dealer network along with a handful of other accessories.

The new block-letter grille is now available on all XL, XLS and XLT derivatives at a price of R4312. It takes just 30 minutes to install at a Ford dealer and it’s something to seriously consider given that some of the non-official aftermarket grilles have been known to cause cooling issues.

Ford is also offering something called the ‘Faraday Pouch’, which is an anti-scan wallet that’s available for models equipped with keyless start functionality.

In some instances, criminals have been stealing vehicles with keyless start by using signal extenders that can be effective at distances of up to 100 metres. The Faraday Pouch aims to prevent this kind of criminal attack, and it costs just R260 at Ford dealers.

Furthermore, Ford has upgraded the roller shutter option that’s available on the Wildtrack models, by offering a powered functionality at no extra cost, although owners can still opt for the previous manual version.

“Constant market evaluation and clear communication with our customers and dealers has given Ford SA the necessary agility required to enhance the Ford Ranger to meet the needs of our customers,” says Ford SA product marketing manager Dale Reid.

“We believe this is the right time to introduce these Ford-approved upgrades to the South African market and thereby provide an expansive and diverse product offering.”

“It is also essential that we warn customers about the possible risks and dangers of fitting non-approved accessories to their vehicles,” Reid added.

“These can have a negative impact on the vehicle’s safety and performance, and could impact the vehicle’s warranty. Customers are urged to discuss the fitment of accessories with their Ford dealer beforehand”.

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