Cape Town 05-02 -13 -Skateboarder Decio Lourenco (24) who was caught speeding by the Kloof Neck camera Picture Brenton Geach

In an abrupt about-turn, Cape Town’s traffic department is to go ahead with prosecuting the Kloof Nek Road skater.

Earlier this week, city traffic spokeswoman Merle Lourens said Decio Lourenco would not be prosecuted because his YouTube video showing him gliding down Kloof Nek Road and setting off the speed camera could have been tampered with.

This contradicted an earlier statement by mayoral committee member for safety and security JP Smith who said traffic officials were investigating the incident and would ask the National Prosecuting Authority to prosecute Lourenco.

On Thursday the executive director for safety and security in the city, Richard Bosman, said traffic officials would lodge the case with the NPA next week. He said the speed camera had caught both Lourenco on the skateboard and the car filming him.

Lourenco’s actions had been “extremely dangerous and inconsiderate, besides being illegal”, Bosman said.


“This sort of behaviour cannot be condoned as it places the lives of other road users in danger. The city is also looking at the issuing of a summons against the offender for contravening its by-laws in order to ensure a court appearance.”

Cape Town’s streets and public places by-law prohibits skaters from using public roads unless a road has been specifically designated for such use.

Last week, Lourenco’s Spoofing the Cam – Kloof Nek video went viral and now has more than 1.2 million views on YouTube.

The video shows Lourenco gliding down the steep Kloof Nek Road and setting off the 60km/h speed camera.

Before Lourenco’s video went viral, members of the skating community had been lobbying the city council to make space for the sport as there were no facilities for them. Mayco member for transport and roads Brett Herron is to meet skaters later this month. - Cape Times