Audi online system allows occupants to connect to the internet and turns the vehicle into a wi-fi hotspot.

Audi drivers who miss not being online at all times may have something to look forward to.

Audi SA has confirmed that its connect on-line functionality will be launched with the facelifted A4 range next week, and will then immediately be available in the A5, A6, A7 Sportback, A8 and Q7 ranges (A1 and Q3 models will get the technology later in the year).

It will be an option, working in conjunction with Audi’s MMI navigation plus.

Technophiles can look forward to navigation via Google Earth imagery, a WLAN (wi-fi) hotspot for internet access on the move, and a Point of Interest search for speedier navigation services. The technology also means the integration of Google Earth into the navigation system’s map display.

Turning your Audi into a wi-fi hotspot means that passengers can get online while travelling, and will especially benefit those with devices which run wi-fi only (and not 3G). The system will accept up to eight devices, and will allow only rear passengers full internet access when the vehicle is moving.

Communication works via the roof aerial but be warned – all data transfer happens through your cellphone via the car’s Bluetooth system, which means it may be a good idea to keep an eye on your personal data bundle costs. -Pretoria News Motoring