Johannesburg - When Greek philosopher Heraclitus over 2000 years ago coined the phrase that the only constant is change, he articulated one of the universe’s immutable laws.

And the constant of change is moving along at warp speed. Just a decade ago the world didn’t know what a smartphone was, or a Twitter handle, or a Bitcoin. A hashtag was a largely ignored button on a keyboard, and the concept of autonomous cars that could drive themselves was science fiction.

As times move on, so do we. For decades we’ve been giving you the latest motoring news and reviews in our newspaper supplements in The Star, Pretoria News, Daily News, The Mercury and Cape Times, as well as on IOL Motoring. We’ve always been in the business of writing about cars, but now we’re making it easier for you to buy or sell one with the creation of our new motoring marketplace, Drive360.

At the same time our newspaper motoring supplements have undergone a rename and a revamp and the first issue hit the shelves on August 31, and will as usual be inserted into the aforementioned papers every Thursday (Friday for The Mercury) going forward. It is now called Drive360 and gets a fresh look and feel, but under the shiny new bonnet it’s powered by the same team of expert motoring journalists reporting on the latest cars and motorcycles. Our offering will also be enhanced by more trucking news.

Our road tests of high-performance cars are backed up by real-world data gleaned in high-altitude conditions. We utilise the Gerotek test facility near Pretoria to conduct acceleration tests, using a satellite-based Racelogic Vbox.

As before, you can also expect coverage of local and international motor shows and the most popular motorsport events locally and abroad, including Formula One, MotoGP, and the World Rally Championship to mention a few.

New online marketplace

Visit to find your next set of wheels in a smart and safe way. It’s a digital showroom offering new and used cars, motorcycles and trucks to budget-conscious South Africans who are concerned about online safety.

We offer SA’s most popular brands from top rated dealers across the country. The Drive360 digital platform is designed to minimise the risk of online fraud so that our customers can buy with confidence. For private sellers it’s the low-risk way to sell your car, letting the pros handle the hassle. You can avoid dodgy deals and sell directly to our dealer network at no cost to you, with free inspection and valuation. The dealers come to you, handle the admin and offer you a fair price.

Although the new online portal won't be replacing IOL Motoring, you will still find our content on the Drive360 website.

So climb aboard Drive360, strap in, and enjoy the ride with us.