031213. One of the gantry on the N1 North in Sunninghill, the e-toll went live today. On the left hand side are motorist who are using Witkoppen Road as a back route. Picture: Dumisani Sibeko

Pretoria - The Opposition to Urban T says the “reprieves” announced by transport minister Dipuo Peters in the opening debate of her department’s budget vote on Tuesday are “another carrot to entice the public to buy into the ill-conceived scheme”.

Peters said motorists would have an extended payment period of 51 days, rather than the current seven days, during which they would receive 60 percent off the alternative tariff, and they would also receive the time-of-day discount.

Registered users, she said, would receive a range of discounts.

In addition, tolls for Class A2/light vehicles would be capped at R450 a month.

Outa chairman Wayne Duvenage said: “The prosecuting authorities have noted an extremely difficult situation in trying to achieve successful prosecution under the current regulations, terms and conditions”.

“For example, Sanral must provide the user with an invoice and payment is expected in seven days to qualify for certain benefits.

“Yet how does one, especially businesses, pay within seven days without an invoice?” he asked.

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