Pictures: 101 000km around the world in an electric car

By Charlotte Greenfield and Swati Pandey Time of article published Jul 19, 2019

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Wellington - A Dutch sustainability advocate has completed the world's longest ever journey in an electric vehicle, arriving in New Zealand on Friday after a three-year drive that took him through more than 30 countries.

Wiebe Wakker set off from the Netherlands in March 2016 in his "Blue Bandit" (an old Volkswagen Golf 5 estate retrofitted with an electric motor) to showcase the potential of sustainable transport, funded by donations from those following his trip on social media.

"I wanted to do my best to promote this technology and show that sustainability is a viable way of transport," Wakker told journalists.

"I wanted to do something really that speaks to the imagination which is driving an electric car from Amsterdam to the other side of the world to show that it can be done."

The 101 000km trip took Wakker through Eastern Europe, Iran, India, Southeast Asia, before travelling around much of Australia and across to New Zealand.

Wakker gave regular updates on his blog and social media throughout the journey, detailing visiting Iran's biggest car manufacturer in Tehran, a breakdown on the Indonesian island of Java and visits to Australia's outback and world-famous Uluru.

Not only did he tackle the trip in a car that could manage just 200km between recharges, but he also did it without any money.

Wakker instead relied on the helpfulness of strangers along the way to support him with meals, somewhere to sleep and, of course, a place to plug his beloved car in. 


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