File photo: Matthew Jordaan
File photo: Matthew Jordaan

P*ssed and p*ssing: Taxi driver doubly in the dwang

By Robin Lee Francke Time of article published May 15, 2018

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Cape Town - A bad and disgusting habit of a taxi driver has landed him in hot water with the law, with him ending up in jail on Sunday.

The driver, who thought he could “just whip it out and be done with it” when he urinated in the street, had no idea officers attached to the Metro Police Camera Response Unit were watching him.

The 44-year-old Langa man, who has not been identified, stood metres from officials and took a whizz, in full view of them and the public, before getting back into his vehicle and driving off.

Officers pursued the man and caught another stench on him - this time alcohol.

Sergeant Ruth Solomons, of Metro Police, says the driver was one of 57 motorists who were arrested for drunk driving over the weekend.


“Officers were standing down at Bhunga Drive in Langa when a minibus stopped in front of them. The driver got out of the vehicle, urinated in public and then drove off. The officers followed the vehicle and ordered the driver to pull over,” Solomons says.

“A breathalyser test confirmed a reading of 1.16 mg/ml. The 44-year-old man was detained at Langa SAPS for drunk driving and slapped with a fine for urinating in public,” Solomons added.

Officers issued more than 1500 traffic fines at the weekend.

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