Coventry, West Midlands - This is the first of 10 first-generation Range Rovers that will be completely rebuilt by the Land Rover Classic workshop to become the Range Rover Reborn series, following the introduction of the Land Rover Series 1 Reborn programme in 2016.

What happens is that you buy an original two-door Range Rover, built between 1970 and 1981; Land Rover’s resident anoraks will help you choose the best options in terms of collectability, preferred chassis numbers and unique features characteristics.

Then the Classic workshop guys will strip it to the last nut and bolt and rebuild it to the original factory specifications - right down to the original factory stickers  and nameplates, using only original parts. Finally, it'll be refinished using paint colours and interior trim fabrics straight out of the 1970s Range Rover catalogue to create something akin to a time warp - a completely authentic, brand-new first-generation Rangie.

As new

Of course, that level of authenticity doesn’t come cheap; Range Rover Reborn prices will start from £135 000 (R2.27 million) - and that doesn’t include the cost of the base vehicle.

This one is a 1978 Classic Range Rover, carefully chosen for originality and collectability. Its 3528cc V8 has been rebuilt to as-new specifications, including its original Zenith-Stromberg 175CD carburettor, and delivers 98.5kW at 5000 revs and 251Nm at 2500rpm - just as it did when it was new.

It drives all four wheels all the time via a four-speed manual gearbox and lockable centre differential, and it’s been finished in an authentic 1978 colour scheme called Bahama Gold.


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