Chevrolet Volt owners who accidentally leave their cars on in confined spaces, while in EV mode, may expose themselves to carbon monoxide poisoning once the battery runs dry and the petrol engine fires up. File photo: Mark Blinch/Reuters.

Detroit - General Motors is recalling some Chevrolet Volt petrol-electric hybrid cars, to fix a problem that can cause carbon monoxide to build up in an enclosed space.

The recall covers just over 64 000 Volts from the 2011 through 2013 model years in the US, Canada and elsewhere.

GM says that if a driver exits the car and leaves it on, the battery could eventually drain and the petrol-powered generator would start running. If that happens in a garage or other enclosed space, the dangerous fumes could build up.

GM said that it's aware of two unspecified injuries but no deaths from the problem.

Dealers will update software that limits how long a Volt can be left idling.