The Corolla overtakes on a double white line, on a mountain pass.

A Cape Town motorist is in hot water after being photographed driving recklessly. And this has led to him being personally pursued by transport MEC Robin Carlisle after a member of the public approached him with photographs of the incident.

Terry Debrick, of Pinelands, told the Cape Argus he and his wife, Mary, had been returning from a weekend of skydiving in Robertson earlier this month. They were on the old Du Toit’s Kloof Pass and his wife was driving.

“As we came up the pass, a red Corolla was parked at the side of the road. He overtook us, and the car in front of us – on a bend, on the pass.”

The couple saw other unsafe antics by that driver and the driver of another Toyota, and took photographs of some of the driving on a cellphone.

The couple had heard a call for responsible driving by Carlisle.

They reported the incident to his department. Carlisle responded by picking up Debrick at his home on Monday and travelling to Paarl to register a complaint with the Paarl police.

Carlisle said: “We want good drivers to report bad drivers before they kill innocent road users and themselves.”

Drivers who want to report reckless driving incidents should record the precise time of day, the date and exact location where the incident occurred, he added. - Cape Argus