341 09/12/2012 A parking meter warden displays a rate tag in the business CBD of the Parkhurst area. Picture: Ihsaan Haffejee

Parkhurst, Johannesburg - Residents, business owners and shoppers on Sixth Avenue need not pay parking fines accumulated over the past year.

Jo-Ann Hinis, the owner of a coffee shop in Sixth Avenue, accumulated 35 tickets after refusing to pay the City of Johannesburg for street parking.

The paid-parking scheme was terminated in Sixth Avenue on 1 July and moved to Rosebank.

Last week Hinis went to court to oppose the fines, but was told all Parkhurst infringements had been removed from the system.

“I spent all of three minutes at the court building in the traffic offence department.”

She said: “I asked to speak to the traffic offence officer and my opening line was: ‘Good morning, I’m here regarding paid-parking offences over a period in Parkhurst.’

“He immediately stopped me and said: ‘You don’t have to explain any more; we are removing all of those infringements from the system.’”

Hinis said she handed him the pile of summonses and he signed them and said they would be off the system in half an hour.

“He said that if any new ones arrived, I, and anybody else who had fines, should go in before the due court date and they would be removed from the system.”

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