Johannesburg - A video has gone viral showing a motorcyclist attacking a motorist in an apparent road rage incident. The video shows the biker viciously attacking the owner of a white Volkswagen Polo Vivo sedan. The 43-second-long clip was posted on a page called REZA (@crimeairnetwork).

The victim and his attacker are first standing on the right side of the vehicle and the biker begins by forcing and violently pulling him towards the driver’s seat.

As soon as they get to the driver’s seat, the man, wearing a helmet, shoves the victim into the car, to occupy the driver’s seat, and then begins to punch him and kick him intensely a number of times.

When the biker is satisfied, he finally forcefully slams the car door before making a quick escape on his motorbike.

A case of common assault was opened yesterday, and police confirmed that a 17-year-old boy was arrested in connection with the incident.

“We are not sure who posted the video or how the assault started, but the boy is in police custody, and will be released... because he is a minor,” said Captain Mohlaume Mamabolo, spokesperson of Sandton police station.

The Star