03/04/2014 RTMC's Superintendent Ashley Pillay inspects a car that was fraudulently issued with a roadworthy certificate when it was never tested in Mamelodi. Picture: Phill Magakoe

Johannesburg - It has faulty brakes and indicators, loose nuts, bolts and battery, smooth tyres, and doors and windows that cannot be opened; this public transport vehicle is a death trap.

On Thursday traffic management arrested a man in connection with the recent issuing of a roadworthy certificate for this car.

The examiner involved in the scam resigned on Wednesday when she received a tip-off about her possible arrest after she issued the certificate earlier in the day without examining the vehicle.

The car, a Golf used illegally to transport members of the public on Mamelodi roads, also had a loose filter and grille, and wiring without insulation.

Road Traffic Management Corporation superintendent Ashley Pillay said: “It doesn’t start and has oil and exhaust leaks. It shouldn’t be on the road at all.”


Pillay said he and other officers had been in the area near the Mamelodi testing station when they noticed the runner acting suspiciously outside the station.

“We started paying attention to him, started investigating him and the car he was driving. We gave chase when we realised that he was, in fact, facilitating illegal activities,” he said.

The man, who cannot be identified because he has not pleaded, led them to the car, which was being used to carry people people.

“We impounded the car, and by the end of the day we had sworn affidavits from the owner and the driver, confirming our suspicions,” Pillay said.


The owner of the car said he had given the driver the R1300 required for the test, and the driver had given the runner R400, with which he had paid the female examiner to issue the certificate without even seeing the car.

Pillay and an RTMC examiner took the car to the testing station on Thursday, and found 25 faults.

Pillay said: “We’ve had many complaints against this examiner, which we’ve been investigating, and she evaded arrest today when she resigned. If she doesn’t hand herself over, a warrant of arrest will be issued.”

A case of corruption was opened against the runner.

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