SA-bound Mazda CX-80 revealed as flagship SUV with seven seats

Published Apr 19, 2024


If you liked the Mazda CX-60 but wished it was a little bigger, the new CX-80 is here to answer your prayers.

The newcomer will be Mazda’s flagship product in markets such as Europe and South Africa. Although local launch timing is not yet cast in stone, the company is hoping to launch it in late 2024 or early 2025, depending on availability of stock.

But doesn’t Mazda also have a CX-90 SUV? Good question. The CX-90, along with the five-seat CX-70, are wide-bodied products aimed at markets such as North America.

The CX-60 and CX-80 are similar in length to their American counterparts but are not as wide, largely to cater for the narrower streets in regions such as Europe.

Since we still have the tape measure out, it’s worth noting that the new CX-80 is a good 250mm longer than the CX-60, with all of that going into the wheelbase to procure a more spacious six- or seven-seat cabin, and it’s also 26mm taller. According to Mazda, head and shoulder room as well as hip point spacing and front to second row couple distance measurements have all increased versus the CX-60.

In Europe it will be offered with three middle row configurations, allowing buyers to choose from a three-person bench seat, two captain’s chairs with a walk-through space or two captain’s seats with a fixed centre console.

The CX-80 is otherwise genetically very similar to its smaller sibling, even sharing its front end and all that lies beneath the bonnet.

On that note, the South African line-up has yet to be confirmed, but it’s likely that Mazda will offer the 3.3-litre mild hybrid straight-six turbodiesel that was recently introduced on the CX-60. It produces 187kW and 550Nm, with power going to all four wheels through an eight-speed autobox.

Also offered in Europe but less likely for SA is a plug-in hybrid variant that pairs a 2.5-litre petrol engine with a 129kW electric motor and 17.8 kWh battery.

Pricing of course will be announced closer to launch but it’s worth noting that the CX-80 costs £3,500 more than the CX-60 in the UK, which equates to R83,700 at today’s exchange rate. For the record, the South African CX-60 is priced from R752,700 for the 2.5-litre model, with the 3.3D coming in at R1,049,200.

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