Renault Clio

We've all heard of record-breaking attempts where a silly number of people are crammed into a small parked car, but actually transporting 19 small children in a regular car is surely just downright dangerous and ludicrous.

Well, it happened in Pretoria on Thursday, when a teacher from the Rietfontein nursery school loaded 19 children between the ages of four and six into her Renault Clio for an outing to the local Spur.

The teacher was stopped by metro cops while returning and the first thing they noticed was 19 faces peeking through the windows.

The teacher said she got the fright of her life when the police stopped her: “It was the first and the last time that we'll go on an outing... we're actually a very cute school,” she exclaimed.

A member of the public had called the police when the teacher stopped in the parking area of the Jacaranda shopping centre, and many poured out of the car.

However, this 'stunt' has cost the teacher a mere R1500 fine.

Sources: Sapa & Beeld