The new flat-blade wiper technology boasted by Easyvision, which gives you clear vision owing to distributed pressure on the windscreen without noise.

Tired of noisy and ineffective wiper blades which cause more of a blur on your windscreen than doing the job they’re supposed to do?

The answer may lie in new flat-blade technology, which safety company Federal-Mogul has recently introduced in South Africa. The product is compatible with 95 percent of all vehicles in SA and is called the Champion Easyvision range.

The new offering is the consolidation of two wiper blade ranges, with this product, according to its maker, providing a more uniform contact with windscreens – evenly distributed pressure along the length of the blade. This is attributed to Variable Geometry Spoiler (VGS) technology, which responds to changing wind forces and maintains constant wiping pressure.

The product also allows for smooth rubber movement throughout the sweep of the blade and features a retro-clip system which means easy installation when replacing your existing blades.

“The purpose of a wiper blade is not just to clear water from the windscreen, but to create friction in order to remove any obstacles,” says product manager Philip de Meyer. “Noisy wiper blades are a problem too and can distract and even agitate drivers in challenging conditions”.

De Meyer assures motorists that this new product remedies these concerns, thanks to the flexible and durable rubber compound used, which is then covered in a special coating.

He also points out that the rebranded wiper blade packaging features a QR code, which allows customers to scan it with a smartphone before being redirected to an app which allows for the entering of vehicle details. The app will then inform the customer of the product for their specific vehicle.

The Easyvision range is available at most aftermarket outlets, where pricing is dependent on the model of vehicle.

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