Johannesburg - Ever wonder what the inside of your engine’s cylinder bore looks like? Curious about what lurks under your car seat? Suspect there might be a lost Krugerrand behind your classic Merc’s ashtray? Well, Bosch has a new tool for you.

With a tiny 8mm camera mounted at the end of a flexible 95cm cable, the new UniversalInspect device is the perfect tool for peering into tight spaces where eyes and hands can’t go. This handheld gadget can see where you can’t, and snap up to eight photos which can be viewed on a 5.8cm colour display or stored on a memory card for upload to a computer.

Bosch says the UniversalInspect is easy to use with only six buttons for functions such as 2x digital zoom, 180 degree image rotation, brightness adjustment and black-and-white modes for better contrast against highly reflective surfaces. Accessory parts include a mirror for seeing around corners, a magnet for picking up dropped screws, and a hook which can be used to catch that sock you dropped behind the tumble dryer. 

The UniversalInspect uses four AA-sized batteries and can run for up to four hours on a fresh set. It’s available at many hardware retailers in South Africa, but any store selling Bosch power tools can order it for you.

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