The price of petrol is set to go down by 10 cents per litre on 7 November. File photo: Neil Baynes.

Following a spate of hefty increases, the price of petrol will come down by 10 cents a litre next Wednesday, 7 November, while diesel will go up by between nine and 10 cents.

This means that in Gauteng you'll now pay R12.10 a litre for 95-octane petrol and R11.87 for 93-octane. The wholesale price of 50ppm low-sulphur diesel will now be R11.50 at litre, while 500ppm sludge will set you back R11.44.

Those at the coast will part with R11.75 for 95-octane petrol and R11.19 for 50ppm diesel.

The price decrease, according to the Department of Energy, comes as a result of lower international crude oil prices.

R3.78 rise in just two years!

While this is certainly welcome, there's no denying that after the recent spate of increases, motorists will still be feeling a very big pinch at the pumps.

Just consider that one year ago, Gauteng motorists were paying R10.77 for a litre of 95 petrol and two years ago that same liquid cost just R8.32.