Tshwane mayor Solly Msimanga honours Tshwane Metro Police officers. Picture: Oupa Mokoena / Independent Media.
Pretoria - Crooked officers in the Tshwane Metro Police Department (TMPD) who took bribes from motorists did not deserve to serve in communities, says mayor Solly Msimanga.

Giving a stern warning to city officers during an event to honour their hard work, he said: “If you are going to let a driver who is drunk drive away because he has given you R100, then you are a murderer.”

While Msimanga heaped praise on the officers for their sterling work in keeping the city safe, he had a harsh warning to those who perpetrated crime while in metro police uniform.

He said there were a few “rotten apples” within the service tarnishing the image of metro police officers in Tshwane.

“I am not going to attract investors in the city if they don’t feel the city is safe,” he said.

He said 200 new vehicles would be bought for the TMPD, and new uniforms and equipment would be provided.

He said: “We have called you here today to express our gratitude for the everyday risks you take to make our capital city safe by clamping down on any and all crime and protecting us from the vicissitudes of everyday life and limb.”

The event was convened solely for recognising the innumerable contributions of the metro police officers in the fight against crime.

“We took time to come here to personally tell you that the city values the important work done by the personnel in uniform, who are seldom celebrated,” Msimanga said.

He said the anti-drug unit launched by the TMPD in December last year had been effective in fighting the scourge of substance abuse and drug trade.

“This is a matter close to my heart as I have seen first-hand how these drugs destroy our youth.

“Their future looks bleak because of greedy, relentless drug lords hell-bent on illegally making money despite the dire and evil consequences of their actions,” he said.

He said the anti-drug unit had recorded success and was continuously intensifying its efforts to get drugs off the streets everywhere in Tshwane, including the CBD.

“We pledge to continue to conduct education and awareness sessions on substance abuse in schools throughout Tshwane to address the scourge of drugs and substance abuse,” he said.

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