Turbo installation on a customised CitiGolf similar to the one stolen in Atlasville.

It was the perfect wedding gift from a woman to her husband: a 2006 VW Golf MK1 Velocity Turbo, modified and enhanced for all your supercharged needs.

But early last month, the car vanished from the couple’s Atlasville home.

Now, the Ekurhuleni metro police department has found the stolen vehicle - or parts of it - at a Phumula Park house following a tip-off.

Metro police spokesman Wilfred Kgasago said: “The house pointed out by the informant was monitored from as early as 2am on Saturday by EMPD officers.

“With no movement after approximately five hours of patient waiting, the officers decided to raid the house, wherein the complete engine, shock absorbers, steering wheel, grill and springs of the Golf were uncovered.”

The owner identified his car by its souped-up engine.

Police also founds parts belonging to a number of other stolen cars, mostly Golfs.

“Although no one has been arrested yet, the police are hot on the heels of the owner of the house,” said Kgasago. - The Star