Los Angeles, California  - This is probably the most extreme case of distracted driving you are ever going to see, with the inevitable result.

The incredible light show in the sky is actually the launch of a SpaceX Falcon 9 rocket over Los Angeles on the evening of 22 December, caught on dashcam and posted by Mark Sales. As the rocket streaks across the night sky, leaving a contrail like that of a comet, drivers on a busy Los Angeles freeway slow down (wouldn’t you?) to watch what some thought was a UFO.

Inevitably, somebody didn’t slow down enough, and the occupants of the camera car were lucky to escape the domino effect when a minivan in the lane to the left rear-ended a Toyota Corolla, sending it crashing into a big SUV and spinning it into the the path of our hero, who had to take evasive action, all the while fielding frantic instructions from his nervous passenger to keep his eyes on the road.