Behold the mighty mircocar.
Behold the mighty mircocar.

This is something of a real-life toy that can't really be played with, but the extremity of this little-big machine sure warrants attention.

Set to go under the hammer via RM Auctions in the US on February 16, the BMW Isetta Whatta Drag was created as a life-sized version of the 1998 Hot Wheels fantasy model of the same name.

The fully-functioning machine was commissioned by microcar collector Bruce Weiner and although it's not street legal, it does at least have a real engine.

More than just a real engine, we'd say - perched towards the back of the BMW M3 chassis, upon which this Isetta sits - is a 'big block' supercharged Chevrolet V8 that pushes an estimated 544kW.

Given its drag-racing ambitions, the Isetta's engine is mated to a two-speed manual transmission and its lonely rear wheel is an 18-by-13-inch drag racing unit shod with B.F. Goodrich G-Force tyres.

Just for extra giggles, the dual circuit disc brake system also incorporates an AP balance bar for burnouts and donuts.

What would life be without mad creations like this?