New York - Toyota has retained its spot as the most valuable automotive brand followed by Mercedes-Benz and BMW, according to the Best Global Brands 2017 report.

The annual report by New York-based consultancy Interbrand lists the top 100 most valuable brands in the world, and 16 automotive companies have made the grade in the latest survey. 

Unsurprisingly, the world’s two most valuable brands overall are Apple and Google, which have traded positions atop the list for the past five years. Toyota retains its spot as the most valuable car brand, but has slipped from fifth place overall in 2016 to seventh with a 6% decline in brand value.

Mercedes-Benz is ranked second among car firms and in ninth place overall with 10% growth from last year, while BMW holds steady in third spot with 0% growth year on year. Honda (+3%) and Ford (+5%) round out the top five automotive firms, while Ferrari makes its first appearance in the list down in 88th position.

Interbrand bases its rankings on three key components: the financial performance of the branded products and services, the role the brand plays in influencing customer choice, and the strength the brand has to command a premium price or secure earnings for the company. 

Therefore, while the rankings are listed in terms of brand value in dollars, these values are not representative of brands’ annual revenue. Apple in the number one spot for instance, is ranked by Interbrand with a $184.1-billion brand value, but its annual revenue is closer to $220-billion.

Top 16 automotive brands:

7. Toyota: $50.3-billion

9. Mercedes-Benz: $47.8-billion

13. BMW: $41.5-billion

20. Honda: $22.7-billion

33. Ford: $13.6-billion

35. Hyundai: $13.2-billion

38. Audi: $12-billion

39. Nissan: $11.5-billion

40. Volkswagen: $11.5-billion

48. Porsche: $10.1-billion

69. Kia: $6.7-billion

73. Land Rover: $6-billion

77. Harley Davidson: $5.7-billion

87. Mini: $5.1-billion

88. Ferrari: $4.9-billion

98. Tesla: $4-billion

Top ten brands overall

1. Apple: $184.1-billion

2. Google: $141.7-billion

3. Microsoft: $80-billion

4. Coca-Cola: $69.7-billion

5. Amazon: $64.8-billion

6. Samsung: $56.2-billion

7. Toyota: $50.3-billion

8. Facebook: $48.2-billion

9. Mercedes-Benz: $47.8-billion

10. IBM: $46.8-billion