These were the 10 cars that held their value best in 2019

By Motoring Staff Time of article published Jan 13, 2020

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Johannesburg - If you’re looking for a used bargain, best you hit the back button as you’re not going to find one on this page. However, if you’re buying new and depreciation is a factor, then the following statistics released by True Price could come in handy.

True Price collects data from hundreds of auctions each year to gain insight into the resale value of various cars, and while the data collected thus does not pertain to trade-in or dealer transaction prices, it does give a very good indication of the prices people are willing to pay for various vehicles.

For its latest study, the company set out to determine which 2018 model year vehicles achieved the best resale values during 2019, measured against their original list prices.

The top 10 resale value performers came from a number of segments, but it’s interesting to note that five of them were compact hatchbacks and none were premium market cars.

The overall winner, however, was Volkswagen’s Tiguan SUV, which retained 87.07 percent of its value, according to the research. 

It was followed by the Kia Picanto (81.27%), Volkswagen Polo Vivo (80.2%) and Volkswagen Golf (80.06%), giving the German carmaker three places in the top four. Another surprising entry was the Renault Kwid, in ninth place, with a value retention of 73.3 percent. Two bakkies also made it into the later half of the list, as you’ll see below.

True Price: resale value winners of 2019

1. Volkswagen Tiguan 87.07%
2. Kia Picanto 81.27%
3. Volkswagen Polo Vivo 80.42%
4. Volkswagen Golf 80.06%
5. Kia Rio 80.00%
6. Toyota Hilux 78.56%
7. Toyota Fortuner 77.73%
8. Isuzu KB/ D-Max 76.41%
9. Renault Kwid 73.30%
10. Hyundai Grand i10 73.26%

True Price managing director Darryl Jacobson was not surprised by the Tiguan’s victory in the resale stakes:

“It has been incredible to see the rise in popularity of this SUV over the past 12 months. We’re seeing bidding like never before. It’s extremely popular with all age groups. This family-focused SUV boasts a spacious interior and faultless build quality. It is a brilliant car for soccer moms,” he said.

Jacobson added that the Picanto was another sure winner at auctions, thanks to its “attractive styling and funky colours”, while the Volkswagen Polo Vivo was also a popular choice due to its appealing price tag and all round quality. 

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